A Casela Nature and Leisure Park Adventure in Mauritius


When planning your special trip to Mauritius, consider making a nature escapade excursion to the Casela Nature and Leisure Park one of the highlights of your vacation. This park, with its unique blend of wildlife encounters and thrilling outdoor activities, promises an unforgettable experience for nature lovers of all ages.

Family-Friendly Animal Encounters

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The Casela Nature and Leisure Park caters to everyone in the family. Youngsters can delight in the petting farm, where they get hands-on experience with animals and even learn how to bottle-feed them. The farm’s friendly staff ensures a delightful and educational experience, creating lasting memories for the children.

Stroll with the Lions

For an awe-inspiring experience, take a stroll with the lions. Witness the beauty and majesty of these large cats in a safe and interactive environment, proving that even wild animals can be enjoyed when treated with care.

Learn Nordic Walking

Discover the art of Nordic walking, a beneficial and enjoyable form of exercise. The park offers lessons, allowing you to embrace this fascinating skill surrounded by the beauty of Mauritius.

Wildlife Extravaganza

The Casela Nature and Leisure Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Encounter tigers, zebras, tortoises, emus, impalas, Egyptian geese, and more. Many of these animals are not easily found elsewhere, providing a unique opportunity for wildlife observation.

Thrilling Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities abound at the park. Whether you’re into quad-biking, wooden ladder challenges, ziplining, or tilapia fishing, there’s something for every adventure seeker. Revel in the thrill of outdoor activities amidst the park’s natural beauty.

Culinary Delights at the Restaurant

Wrap up your nature escapade with a visit to the park’s restaurant and hunting lodge. Indulge in Mauritius’s traditional cuisine in a charming setting. The restaurant caters to various occasions, making it an ideal spot for both family meals and business luncheons.

A nature escapade excursion to the Casela Nature and Leisure Park promises not only a connection with nature and wildlife but also a thrilling adventure filled with diverse activities. Make it a highlight of your Mauritius vacation and create lasting memories of fun, exploration, and appreciation for the island’s natural wonders.

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