Do I Need Insurance for a Holiday in the UK?


Planning a holiday in the UK might make you wonder if travel insurance is necessary. While it may seem unnecessary when you’re not venturing abroad, a closer look at potential risks reveals that having travel insurance for a UK holiday can provide valuable coverage. Read on to explore the considerations and the advantages of securing travel insurance, and discover the benefits of purchasing it online for potential savings.

Holiday in the Scottish Isles
Last week, my wife and I booked a two-centre holiday in the Scottish Isles, spending seven days on Skye and another seven on the Isle of Lewis. The stunning landscapes, walks, and peaceful ambiance promised a memorable getaway.

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The Local Travel Agent’s Offer
Surprisingly, when my local travel agent assumed I wanted travel insurance for an additional £27.50, I hesitated. Why would I need travel insurance for a holiday in Britain? The National Health Service is accessible, and in an emergency, family could come to our aid.

Consideration of Risks
However, reflecting on potential holiday misfortunes highlighted the need for insurance even within the UK:

1. Theft of luggage or valuable items.
2. Loss of recently purchased digital camera.
3. Hospitalization requiring a transfer to a local hospital.
4. Family emergencies necessitating cancellation.
5. Sudden illness before departure leading to cancellation.
6. Delays or inconveniences during ferry travel.
7. Unexpected events like jury service.

Reevaluation of Home and Contents Policy
Considering these risks, I wondered if my existing Home and Contents policy covered potential losses. To my surprise, my policy only covered “personal possessions” if listed, and my new digital camera wasn’t included. Moreover, a claim on this policy could affect my no claims discount.

The Decision for Travel Insurance
Recognizing the value of coverage, a travel policy at £27.50 seemed worthwhile. However, my frugal tendencies led me to check online for a better deal. Within ten minutes, I found a comparable policy at a saving of over £10.

Key Points of the Policy
Reading the fine print, I ensured the policy covered the identified risks. The insurer even offered compensation for ferry delays and the option to cancel with a refund if the delay exceeded 12 hours.

Limitations and Fair Conditions
The policy had some limitations, such as not covering holidays less than two nights or hotels within 25 miles of home. Additionally, a £30 deductible applied to any claims.

Secure and Affordable Online Purchase
Ultimately, the decision was made. By typing in my credit card details, I secured the travel insurance in a click, restoring peace of mind.

Even for a holiday within the UK, travel insurance can provide valuable coverage against unforeseen events. While the National Health Service is available, other risks, such as cancellations and delays, highlight the importance of considering travel insurance. Additionally, purchasing it online can offer competitive rates and peace of mind for a worry-free holiday.

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