Planning A Holiday Party? 

Holiday Party

Are you tired of the same old boring holiday party that everyone else is having? It’s time to inject some life into your Christmas and holiday gatherings. Here are surefire hits that will make your festivities stand out:

1. The Cookie Exchange
Encourage a sweet tradition by hosting a cookie exchange. Each participant bakes a pile of Christmas cookies in advance, with the quantity corresponding to the number of attendees. If seven couples or people are coming, each person bakes seven dozen cookies. This way, everyone leaves with a delightful assortment of cookies, reducing the baking workload for everyone.

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2. Themed Party
Break away from traditional holiday norms by hosting a themed party. Whether it’s a Star Trek celebration with a touch of Vulcan language or an elaborate Tarts’n’Vicars party, choosing a theme adds a unique touch to your gathering. Get creative and consider themes like a superhero costume party or a football-themed soirée to infuse excitement into the festivities.

3. Costume Party
Extend the idea of a themed party with a costume party where attendees can choose their own attire. Consider hosting a fancy dress masquerade ball, adding an extra layer of mystery with small masquerade masks. Themed costume parties, such as superheroes, provide an opportunity for guests to showcase their creativity.

4. Charity Inclusion
Spread holiday cheer beyond your party by incorporating a charitable aspect. Collect canned goods for admission or organize a party where each attendee brings a small toy for donation to needy children. Consider aligning your party with organizations like Operation: Shoebox, encouraging guests to bring in shoeboxes filled with gifts.

5. Tasting Party
Challenge taste buds and culinary knowledge with a tasting party. Guests can bring in exotic recipes, and others have to guess five ingredients from each dish. Award the person with the most accurate taste buds with a door prize, such as a recipe book. Alternatively, host a wine, beer, or pop tasting party to test your friends’ discerning palates and enjoy an evening of unique flavors.

In the end, there are no strict rules for holiday parties. Choose a venue, pick a theme, and select entertainment that suits your preferences. Consider celebrating Christmas in July, as Australians do, for a tropically themed gathering with a barbecue featuring shrimp on the barbie. Get creative, have fun, and make your holiday party a standout event!

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