Should You Learn Spanish Before Vacationing In Mexico?

learn spansh before go to mexico

You have made the reservations for the hotel and bought tickets for your flight. You are looking forward to enjoying some leisure time for walking along a beach, dining at an authentic Mexican restaurant, or just exploring the narrow streets of a small Mexican village. But if you have never traveled outside of the United States, you might wonder if you could get along in a country where very few speak English outside of the resort community. So, the question is, should you take the time and effort to learn Spanish?

1. Enhanced Vacation Experience with Spanish
– Discuss the advantages of speaking Spanish for a more immersive cultural experience.
– Emphasize the benefits of understanding local advertisements, newspapers, and communicating with the locals.

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2. Ease of Communication in Daily Activities
– Explore how speaking Spanish can make activities like ordering food, negotiating prices, and asking for directions easier.
– Highlight the convenience of being able to comprehend conversations around you.

3. Fluency vs. Basic Communication
– Acknowledge that fluency may not be necessary for an enjoyable vacation.
– Mention that most service people, especially in resorts and restaurants, have a basic understanding of English.

4. Common Approaches for Communication
– Discuss common approaches used by tourists, such as using pocket-sized dictionaries.
– Highlight that a combination of sign language, body language, and basic words can help in communicating.

5. Memorizing Key Words and Phrases
– Encourage the memorization of key words and phrases for practical communication.
– Suggest focusing on essential words like “banyo” for bathroom and “policia” for police.

6. Practical Phrases for Emergency Situations
– Stress the importance of learning phrases for emergency situations, such as knowing how to say “stop” or “alto.”
– Mention the value of learning words that can be used in specific situations.

7. Technology and Language Learning
– Discuss the role of technology in language learning, especially with immersion learning methods.
– Acknowledge that while technology can facilitate language learning, it may not be necessary for a short vacation.

8. Simple Language Learning Approach
– Encourage a practical approach to language learning, focusing on a few key phrases and words.
– Advise against the pressure of trying to learn Spanish fluently before the vacation.

Learn Spanish Before Vacationing In Mexico is a lot easier today because of the proliferation of technology. The best type is what is known as immersion learning. Results say it can be learned relatively quickly, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary for enjoying a vacation in Mexico. So instead of slapping on headphones and trying to learn Spanish in a week before you travel to Mexico, just learn a few key phrases or words, pack your Spanish to English dictionary, and just wing it while vacationing in Mexico.

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